The Alternative

Visual identity and website created for Alternativet (The Alternative), a left-wing political party in Denmark using ‘open source’ principals for policy making. The visual identity was developed at the point of conception, with the aim of helping to form and achieve the goals of the party, as well as to form an internal reference point for the members.

This project was featured in the Design Observer, in an article by Adrian Shaughnessy entitled ‘Open Source Politics/Open Source Design’ in which Shaughnessy asked ‘Can design be democratic? Can a visual identity be effectively implemented by amateurs?’ Read the article here.

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We built an identity for the people, not for the designers.

Core identity

The 3 elements of the identity
Colour comparison to other Danish parties
Inspirational presentation instead of design guide
Alternative election campaign logo (Å)

14,000+ members in less than 3 years. That’s approximately 14 new members a day, making it

the fastest-growing party since its launch



Sweatshirts and t-shirts


New Year greeting card 2014

The second biggest party on the left, with 10 MPs

User generated examples

More than 80,000 likes on Facebook

Social media