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From: £34.95 / month and a £2,450.00 set up fee
A DBK WooCommerce integration hosted externally from your website as an API-based solution. This approach ensures greater reliability, fine-grained control, more flexibility and better logging of events. Compared with a standard plugin-based solution, this is a far superior approach and is for the serious web-shop owner who wants a future-proof solution that can scale with their business.

Integration includes:

➙ Customised set up of integration according to your needs.
➙ Automatic ordering via WooCommerce to DBK.
➙ Automatic order updates and optional capture of payment.
➙ Automatic error notification e-mails.
➙ Support in Danish and English.

Timeframe & Cost Breakdown
The one-off first payment covers the initial consultation and set up of the solution. It’s estimated to take 2 full working days to set up the solution and it has been done so in that timeframe many times before, but if you have special requirements, then this might take longer and needs agreeing upon. If unexpected and unusual challenges show up during the installation that has to do with your system specifically, then we do reserve the right to allow for more time to complete the installation. We will of course keep you informed during the installation so that you will know if anything ‘comes in the way’ as and when it does – but usually, this doesn’t happen!

The ongoing fee covers server hosting of the solution as well as basic support. Advanced support and major changes are considered extra services and are agreed upon separately.

Bear in mind
This solution handles orders between your website and DBK. It does not include a payment gateway, advanced shipping methods or a pickup shop locator. It’s also important to note that our solution can possibly become limited by whatever other integrations you’ve decided to work with (i.e. some payment gateways don’t support auto-capture of payment) – but it’s very rare that we cannot work our way around a challenge! If you have not already put together a combination of other services you wish to use, then we are more than happy to provide guidance on this and can do the installation and set up of these as well. If you need help with this then the work will naturally take longer and we would add the additional time to the job and invoice for this separately as agreed.

Please get in touch to book a free, pre-sign up consultation where we can discuss your needs.


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